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Meet sir charles

We regret to announce the death of our beloved bull, Sir Charles. Unfortunately, he passed away in June of 2021, Sir Charles, became ill and we did everything we could to care for him during his illness, but despite our efforts, he still passed away. Sir Charles did a great job of being a leader to the herd of cows. He will certainly be missed! Although Sir Charles is gone, his seed still lives on. We have one baby calf that looks exactly like him! 


Sir Charles came aboard in 2018. He was 3 years old at that time. Can you figure out how old he is now based on the current year?


Leader, observant, suttle (but not to be taken for granted), mild tempered (as long as you respect his space), can be playful, respected by all the herd.



Cattle breeding pedigree is the “family tree” of a given animal. Sir Charles is an Angus/Bramus.


Sir Charles got his name from our Name That Bull contest in 2018. Learn more about that contest below.

How Sir Charles got his name

In 2018, the Bensueur Farm held a Name That Bull contest in honor of its new bull. The winning entry would receive a special meet and greet and photo session with the bull.

We received many entries for the new Bull’s name including our 2nd and 3rd place winners (Big Ben and Sargent). 

Here are some of the other entries we received: The Man,
Caydence, Preston, Char-Coal Charlie, Skillet, Justinian, Bullet, Black Velvet, Dark Vader, Bouillion, Suede, Bully, Lieutenant, Midnight Rider, Buddy, Boss Man, Muscles,  Charge, Brisket, Toro, and Big Mike.

Thank you to all who participated and a special thanks to our winner, Catherine LeSueur!

Sir Charles