Welcome to
The BenSueur's Farm

Our farm was established to honor the vision of our Beloved Charles Benson.

Our goal is to teach and mentor the youth by providing a place where they can have fun and learn through hands-on farm activities.

For more information or to schedule a group tour, contact Christine Benson.

Teaching and Mentoring Through
Hands-On Farm Experiences


Experiencing farm life teaches kids responsibility. Feeding and watering, cleaning and grooming, building and fixing are daily tasks that take place on every farm.

Life Skills

Some things you just can't learn from a book. Farming teaches children life skills like raising food, working hard, communication, caring for others and much more.

Problem Solving Skills

Fixing fences, pulling weeds, fixing watering systems so that everything on the farm continues to function are just some problems that farmers face daily.

Animal Care

Animals need food, shelter and TLC to grow healthy and happy. Farming teaches kids to be aware, observant and alert to the different animal needs.